About Us

Battery Tree was founded in 2004 for the purpose of becoming an all battery supplier to the state of North Carolina. In eight short years Battery Tree has become the largest independent battery supplier within the state, carrying batteries from hearing aids to earth movers.

Battery Tree carries thousands of batteries and battery related accessories. We have over one hundred years of battery experience on staff and are here to assist you with your next battery purchase.

It is our goal to continue to grow our business by supplying quality batteries at reasonable prices with impeccable service.

Since 2004, Battery Tree has been a leading battery expert and continues to distribute high quality batteries with industry leading partners to all disciplines of industry. Some but not all of our areas of distribution include marine, lawn and garden, golf car, automotive, industrial, commercial, medical mobility, security alarm, motorcycle, scrubber and aerial lifts.

We have partnered with industry leaders such as East Penn, Exide, U.S. Battery, Power-Sonic and Duracell to form an unbeatable team.